Final new tree planted for light rail

The Canberra Metro Stage 1 Light Rail Project tree planting program began with the planting of a Flowing plum in the reserve next to the Federal Highway on 2 February last year.  Over 1,100 trees later, the program ended today (15 March 2019) with the planting of the last new tree - a Eucalyptus dives - next to the depot on Flemington Road.

A range of ornamental and native tree species were planted in and around the light rail corridor including:

  • Brittle gum (Eucalyptus manifera) 
  • Green vase (Zelkova serrata)
  • Casuarina cunninghamiana (She-oak species)
  • Black Sallee (Eucalyptus stelluta)

Despite some necessary clearing along the corridor, in total, there was a net increase in the number of trees replanted with most trees now flourishing and some even flowering.

Over the coming months, some trees that are struggling to thrive will continue to be monitored and replaced if required.


The final new tree to be planted was a Eucalyptus Dives. It was planted on 15 May 2019


Publish date:
15 May 2019
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