Light Rail Testing and Commissioning - Mitchell Depot to Dickson from mid-October 2018

Canberra’s Light Rail Stage 1 Project is now ready for pre-operational testing and commissioning of both light rail track and vehicles. This important phase of the project ensures the system is fully functional and safe to carry passengers. 

What To Expect:
Initially, most testing will be undertaken at night to protect workers who are finalising day time remaining construction works such as landscaping and building the light rail stations.

Light rail vehicle activity along the Mitchell through to Dickson rail segment will start from mid-October. Initial operating times will be between 8:00pm and 4:30am each night. Generally, there will be no testing on weekends.

Traffic Management and Detours:
Initial testing will involve the presence of traffic management staff at intersections through which light vehicles will pass. Traffic management staff and signs will be highly visible on site.

Additional Information:

Typically, light vehicles and light towers are the only resources required in support of light rail vehicle testing and commissioning.
Due to the nature of the operation, some of the activity will be noisy. The project team will limit these impacts wherever possible.

                                          The map below outlines Testing and Commissioning areas along the light rail corridor

Testing & Commissioning Areas Map - Canberra's Light Rail

                                                       Stay safe! Safety information for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.                  

                                                           Thank you for your patience during these important works.

More Information:If you have any questions related to works in your local area or the wider project, please contact Canberra Metro:

Publish date:
07 September 2018
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