Out of Hours Notice - Northbourne Avenue Wakefield-Macarthur Avenues Intersection: 7 - 24 September

Construction works need to be undertaken on Northbourne Avenue, at the Wakefield/Macarthur Avenues intersection. This includes:

  • kerb and footpath installation
  • traffic signal related works
  • overhead wire and conduit installation

The hours of work will be completed in September, during various week days and including three consecutive weekends: 7 to 10 September, 14 to 17 September and 21 to 24 September. The hours of work are from 8:00pm to 4:00am.  

Traffic Management and Detours:

Traffic travelling northbound and southbound on Northbourne Avenue will not be affected by these construction works. However, there will be:

        • restrictions for right turning traffic into Wakefield Avenue and Macarthur Avenue from Northbourne Avenue
        • no access for through traffic along Wakefield and Macarthur Avenue across Northbourne Avenue during weekend.

There will be detours for all vehicle traffic. Traffic management will be in place and highly visible throughout the works, including signage and personnel.


Additional Information:

The equipment to be used includes road saws, excavators, hydrovac trucks, compactors, light vehicles and trucks. Due to the nature of the work, some of the activities will be noisy. The project team will limit noise impacts wherever possible by reducing the number of machines operating at the same time and turning off equipment when not in use. Non-tonal reversing beepers will be used* and workers will be instructed to keep noise to a minimum. 

Thank you for your patience during these important works.



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More Information:
If you have any questions related to works in your local area or the wider project, please contact Canberra Metro:

Facebook or Twitter Search ‘Canberra Metro’

Publish date:
20 September 2018
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