What's with the new light rail crossings? They're different

Pedestrian crossings along the light rail route have changed. Remember these five simple tips to safely cross the light rail tracks.

  1. Only cross the light rail tracks at designated crossings and intersections.
  2. Be alert to new signals! Some intersections now have separate pedestrian walk signals to cross the road and then to cross the light rail tracks. Look for the pedestrian walk sign before you cross the road and then again before you cross the rail tracks. Always wait for the green signal before you cross.
  3. Follow the pedestrian path to safely cross the tracks. Do not step over barriers. Do not cut across intersections. It is unsafe to walk or cycle on the light rail tracks except where there is a dedicated crossing.
  4. If crossing the light rail tracks at a crossing where there are no pedestrian signals, STOP and LOOK BOTH WAYS before you cross. Light rail vehicles can approach from either direction at any time.
  5. Cyclists should dismount when crossing the light rail tracks.

STAY ALERT at all times around light rail. Earphones, and distractions like texting, reading on your phone, taking photos put you at risk. Are you Rail Ready?





Publish date:
07 February 2019
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