A Bird's Eye View of Canberra's Light Rail Corridor

In the past, a “bird’s eye view” of Canberra’s light rail construction corridor would have been a privilege granted only to Canberra’s birdlife; perhaps a high-flying magpie or currawong. However, with state-of-the-art drone technology we can now imagine ourselves on their feathered shoulders, soaring across the northern suburban precincts to the Gungahlin township on Hibberson Street –  where stage 1 of the light rail route commences – and then swooping in for close ups of the emerging stops and the installation of overhead wire poles.

On this fly-through we also travel along Flemington Road, and the new surrounding residential developments along the corridor. Further south large warehouse rooftops can be seen before reaching the racecourse and exhibition grounds at EPIC.

Sweeping onto the Federal Highway and then Northbourne Avenue we are fast approaching Civic. The view extends to the lake and beyond but the wide avenue that Walter Burley Griffin imagined as a rail thoroughfare is the focus of our flight. Like all new construction projects, it is not just what is there today that we see. Our imagination also enables a vision of what will be tomorrow. With this bird’s eye view of this great corridor, we know that we are creating and making tomorrow’s vision a reality.

Publish date:
26 January 2018