Our light rail is fast approaching.
Are you Rail Ready?

Safety information for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers.

Safety information for pedestians
  • Always look both ways before crossing at intersections and crossings. LRVs can approach from either direction and at any time.
  • Pay attention and stay alert at all times around light rail – LRVs can move quickly and quietly. Earphones, and other distractions like reading, texting, taking photos or selfies can put you at risk.
  • Take care when pushing a pram not to let the wheel get stuck in the track.
Safety information for cyclists
  • Look out for the tracks on the road and do not ride immediately adjacent to the rail track. Your cycle wheels may get caught in the rail groove.
  • Ride directly across the tracks at a right angle to avoid your wheels getting stuck in the groove.
  • Always cross the tracks at designated crossings and intersections. 
Safety information for drivers
  • Make sure not to queue across the tracks at any time.
  • Do not drive across the tracks unless the path ahead is clear.
  • Truck drivers should ensure their vehicle load does not come close to the overhead wire when crossing at intersections. Road rules stay the same. Always obey traffic lights and road signs. If everyone follows the rules, we all stay safe! 

→ Clearance height for wiring system is over 6 metres.

An exciting and visible stage in the light rail project is the installation of the overhead wire that delivers electricity to the LRVs, learn the facts.

Light rail is fast approaching with testing of the system now happening from Mitchell Depot to Gungahlin Place Stop, Areas 1 and 2.

Our Light Rail is Fast Approaching. Are you Rail Ready?


Click on link for Safety Video with Audio Description

Resources for schools

ACT Policing's Constable Kenny Koala program is designed to educate child care and primary-aged school children on a range of safety themes, including traffic and road safety. The program is aligned with the Australian Curriculum. Canberra Metro is working in collaboration with the program in relation to light rail safety. Schools are encouraged to book a traffic and road safety presentation by Constable Kenny Koala. Whilst this will not be a specific presentation about the light rail, light rail safety will be underscored.

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The TrackSAFE Foundation is an Australia-wide, registered harm prevention charity dedicated to reducing near collisions, injuries and fatalities on the rail network. TrackSAFE Education is an initiative of the TrackSAFE Foundation. TrackSAFE Ed is an Australian curriculum-based rail safety education initiative focussing on students’ capabilities and making safe choices around the rail network. Safety education-resources for primary school students are available from the TrackSAFE Education website. Schools are encouraged to request a free TrackSAFE Education Pack, including colourful classroom and staff resources.

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