Our Light Rail is Coming – Time to Think About Safety

Construction of Stage 1 of Canberra’s Light Rail is rapidly progressing with exciting developments now happening along the light rail corridor. These include construction of the Light Rail Depot and laying of the light rail track.

Construction of the Light Rail Depot – The Light Rail Depot is located in Mitchell. The 14 light rail vehicles (LRV's) that are the light rail fleet for Stage 1 will be housed at the Depot when they are not in use. It is also where maintenance work happens on the LRV's.

Laying of the light rail trackThe first section of light rail track is currently being installed between the Light Rail Depot in Mitchell to the Gungahlin Terminus in Hibberson Street. Track will then be progressively installed to the rest of the light corridor.

Other major project milestones that will soon commence are installation of the overhead wire that delivers electricity to the LRV's, and testing of the LRV's along the tracks. These are exciting and visible stages in the Light Rail project, and they are also an important time to talk about safety around light rail.

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Safety is Canberra Metro’s number one priority. This includes safety of our passengers, our employees, pedestrians, motorists and anyone else who is in the vicinity of the light rail corridor.

Look up and keep away from overhead wires


LRV's run on electricity that is transmitted through an overhead wire. Poles will be erected along the light rail corridor to support the overhead wire, and the wire is connected from pole to pole.

STAY SAFE! Look up and keep away

  • Always keep a safe distance from the overhead wire and never come into contact with it.
  • The overhead wire is LIVE and carries 750 volts of power. It will cause fatal injuries if touched.
  • In the event of an emergency, dial 000.
Do not enter restricted sites


Substations will be constructed at various points along the light rail corridor to energise the overhead wire and provide power to the system. Substations contain high voltage equipment and access is strictly restricted to authorised personnel only.

STAY SAFE! Do not enter restricted sites

Look left and look right!


Once the overhead wire has been installed and its safety verified, testing of the light rail vehicle (LRV) will commence. Testing ensures the safe operation of the LRV, and takes us a step closer to welcoming passengers on board!

The first stage of testing will happen from the Light Rail Depot in Mitchell to the Gungahlin Terminus in Hibberson Street and we will let the community know before testing starts in each area.

Testing will start at night, with the LRV operating at low speed. Over time, testing speeds will increase and take place during the day.

STAY SAFE! – Look left and look right!

  • LRV's can move quickly and quietly so always check your environment at intersections and crossings.
  • Pedestrians should only cross the track at designated crossings.
  • Keep off the tracks – only authorised vehicles may travel on the tracks.
  • Remember to follow all road rules when driving or cycling near light rail.