Stage 1 of the Canberra Light Rail project was launched in April 2019

This first phase of a city-wide light rail network is a twelve-kilometre route that connects the northern area of Gungahlin to Canberra’s City centre.

There are 13 stops along the stage one route with services every six minutes during peak periods and every 10-15 minutes at other times.

Light rail is an attractive and accessible transport choice for Canberra residents with, on average, over 90,000 passenger boardings each week. This is significantly higher than original forecasts.

Stats and facts

During the delivery of Stage 1 of light rail from Gungahlin to the City:

People worked on the project
Local businesses have been involved in the project
Project workforce from Canberra and surrounds
Total rail track laid for Stage 1
Overhead wire poles stood
Trees planted along Light Rail corridor


The Network

Light Rail Vehicles
Stops along the route
Total distance of route
CCTV cameras
Passenger information displays
Help points
Operations Control Centre
Trips per week
Kilometres travelled per week

Light rail vehicles

Light rail stops

The light rail stops have been designed to provide comfortable, safe, and attractive places for everyone using the light rail system. The large overhead canopies provide shade during the summer months, while skylights bring in much-appreciated sunlight on Canberra’s crisp winter days. Glazed weather screens provide additional shelter on wet or windy days.

Customers of all abilities are well served at stops with hearing induction loops, auditory announcements, accessible ramps, level boarding to light rail vehicles and tactile elements. Security has also been considered through the provision of lighting, closed circuit television cameras and help points.

Public art on light rail

The design of the seat fabric on Canberra’s light rail vehicles is the work of celebrated indigenous artist, Uncle Jimmy Williams. His design depicts the flight of the bogong moth, an insect that is culturally significant to the local Ngunnawal People.

Artwork is also a highlight of the light rail stops. The glazed weather screens on each platform feature the contemporary designs of Canberra artist, Hannah Quinlivan. Hannah’s design is a continuous, flowing pattern representing human movement in Canberra’s landscape.